Practicing Families articles

Practicing Families is an on-line ministry that seeks to support families in their efforts to follow the way of Jesus. It features some powerful, vulnerable testimonies from Christian parents.

I am a contributor to the site. Below are links to the articles I've written for them.


Still, They Show Me Grace (3/15/17)

Our Daily Bread (10/7/16)

Moving, and Practicing Pain (7/6/16)

Schedules, Sitcoms, and Parenting's Important Moments (4/29/16)

Ashes, Children, and God in Brokenness (2/10/16)

Still Learning Grace (10/23/15)

The View from the Back Seat (8/20/15)

Somewhere Between Proverbs and Ecclesiastes (5/22/15)

Kids in Worship: The Other Problem (1/21/15)

Practicing Until We Need It (12/3/14)

A Double Portion (6/20/14)

The Only Thing We Have to Fear... (2/14/14)

A Bedside Confessional (12/27/13)

The Practice of Leaving Their Arms in the Socket (11/20/13)

Empathy and Big Kid Problems (10/25/13)

"Sabbath is For People": Practicing From Who We Are (9/18/13)

The Practice of Laughter (or, the bedtime rile-up) (8/21/13)

I Never Planned It (7/26/13)

Taking Notice: The Everyday God (6/19/13)

Bible Study, Preschool Style (5/22/13)

Working the Space (4/26/13)

OK, I'll Pray This Time (2/20/13)

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